Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Bad Decisions

Blank Space is my favourite song off of the new Taylor Swift album. Although, I am almost disappointed that it was released as a single. That means that I will probably be very sick of it soon. But until that time, I'm gonna love the heck out of it. I am also gonna love the heck out this parody, Plank Space, which sometimes feels all too much like my life.

Best line of the video: We could make a cheat day last all weekend. Story of my life.

It has not been a good week, food wise at least. One bad decision leads to another and another. I don't know why it has to happen that way. But it happens this way every time.

I did end up winning my diet bet this month. Barely. I received an email last night saying that I didn't win even though I made my weight and it had been verified. I went into my account to investigate. I guess what had happened was that my weight got switched to kilograms instead of pounds. So instead showing the 6lb loss, it should that I had gained 250lbs. I had thought that the verification process would have found a mistake like this, but I fell through the cracks.

The Diet Bet support staff was very helpful and switched me into the winning category. I was just hoping to get the money back that I had put into the round, but the staff put me back into the winning category. Yay!

I'm glad I didn't have to weigh in again, because I'm sure I've gained in the past few days. Like I said before, I haven't been making good decisions since I finished that round.

Which leads me to Weigh In Wednesday. I don't have a number today. I left my phone at work last night. My phone is also my alarm system. Needless to say, I didn't wake up on time. No time for the scale.

Because of the weird Diet Bet error, I was able to realize that I have reached a milestone. Everyone gets so excited about making it to Onederland. But just before Onederland is a stop at Double Digit Kiloland. That is where I am right now. Out of the 100s, at least I was during the weigh in. I'm sure I will have a few more stops at Double Digit Kiloland before I leave it in the dust, but I'm so happy to know that I am in the area.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas

I have a confession to make... I kinda liked Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever.

Black Friday shopping never used to be a thing in Canada. We are all about Boxing Day. Last year was the first year that I noticed any stores putting any effort into keeping shoppers from crossing the border. This year there were a lot of stores that were offering pretty good discounts. Although a lot of the better deals were actually on the Saturday instead of the Friday. Makes sense since most Canadians have to work on the Friday.

I found the perfect holiday dress to wear to the epic hotel party that I will be attending on New Year's Eve. It's purple (my favourite colour). It's completely covered in sequins (my favourite fabric... Yes, I consider it a fabric). And it has a pretty sheer fabric covering part of the dress that hides flaws and makes it look more sophisticated (because I'm 30 now, yo). Reitman's had a Black Saturday sale where everything in the store was 40% off, including my dress. The catch was that the sale started at 8am and only lasted for two hours.

So what does this have to do with Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever? I'm getting to it. Be patient.

On Saturday morning, I dragged myself out of bed and headed to the mall. It had snowed the night before, which meant that the roads were vacant (my people don't do snow).

Entering the mall was like entering the Twilight Zone. All of the stores were still closed. The escalators had turned into stairs. There was nobody around. It was a ghost town. I almost wondered if I had got the times wrong and maybe the store wouldn't be open after all.

Thankfully it was, and thankfully I got my dress... in a Size 16! Woot! I actually could have gone down to the 14, but the 16 was slightly longer (goes better with that whole sophisticated thing that I am trying to achieve). I was swimming in my usual 18. I'm sure part of it was vanity sizing, but it was pretty exciting to know that I could wear a 14 again.

Okay, okay, I'm getting to the movie.

When I got home I threw on Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever that I had saved on the PVR. It made for the perfect soundtrack to decorating my little apartment.

I wasn't expecting all to have such a strong sense of Deja Vu while watching this movie. Remember when I told you about how eerie it was walking around a vacant mall (oh, come on, it was only three paragraphs ago), well, guess where most of the movie takes place? Can't figure it out? A deserted mall!

You're probably thinking 'big whoop,' and you'd be right. It's not that crazy. The crazy part comes from the fact that it was the SAME mall. Okay, fine. Maybe that doesn't make it that crazy either, but it felt very surreal to me.

What was also surreal was knowing some of the cast members. I used to work with one of the actors. I always get excited when I see him in things. Another one of the actors was friends with my brother at one point. I think they were on the same lacrosse team.

What I loved
  • Aubrey Plaza's sarcastic and self-aware voice overs were on point. She was the perfect choice for the role. Although I did have a hard time picturing Grumpy Cat as a woman, which was something that Grumpy Cat even addressed in the dialogue.
  • That there was a twist! I won't spoil it for you, but the fact it existed at all made me happy.
  • The little girls that got coal in their stockings. That was a nice touch.

What I didn't love
  • I didn't really love the main character. She was a cute little girl, but I just wasn't feeling it. I don't know if it was a casting thing or just poor direction or writing. It was probably the too ripped jeans, so let's blame the costume department.
  • There should have been more of the B story... or less of it. I didn't care about this couple at all. Maybe if they had a few extra scenes to get to know them better, things would have been different. They could have also been more involved with the main story. Noticing that the little girl was gone would have helped.
Should you watch this movie? Probably. I have tried to get through at least six other made for TV Christmas movies this holiday season and I just can't do it. They are all really boring and bland. Grumpy Cat was the only one that I was able to get through. Back to the classics for me (re: Love Actually, Scrooged, Home Alone, etc)

TIP: You can usually tell how good a TV Christmas movie is going to be based on the font of the title credits. No joke. The better the movie, the better the font. I don't know why all the bad movies use such atrocious fonts, but they do, and it makes it easy to tell just how horrible a movie is going to be. I have tested this theory. It works.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Happy Weigh In Wednesday!

I'm Baaaaaacccckkkk!

Back to the real world. I had a pretty epic November.
  • One week in London
  • Two weeks in Turkey
  • Three spectacular mosques
  • Four West End shows
  • Five incredible castles

Trip Highlights include:

Visiting the Tower of London poppies on Remembrance Day

Standing between literally Europe and Asia near the Black Sea
Hiking up the Calcium deposits of Pamukkale in bare feet
Swimming in the Blue Lagoon just outside Fethiye, Turkey

I didn't think twice about what I was eating. I just ate. But I didn't overindulge either. I wanted to make sure that I had lost weight on this vacation. I knew that it wouldn't be difficult considering how much I would be walking. I was right. I lost 4.6 lbs on my 3 week vacation.

I seriously picked the best time to go on vacation. I had an awesome October doing all the things Halloween. November was filled with exploring new places. And now that December is here it is all about Christmas. I decorated my apartment as soon as I could (re: as soon as I could stay up past 7pm). My first Christmas in my very own apartment!

With the Christmas season comes all of those temptations. So many opportunities to fall off the diet train. I've already ran into my share of temptations. I have mostly been able to come out victorious. I'm confident that I can rock this holiday season.

I wish I could say that I have handled everything perfectly since I have been home, but I can't. I have done really well. I have made a humongous batch of lentil soup that I can chow down on whenever I feel hungry. I also made some healthy pasta with a ground turkey sauce for my lunches. I've been drinking a lot of tea. I've limited my diet cola intake to only when I am at a restaurant.

But last night I faltered. I bought some chocolate stocking stuffers for my family when I was at Heathrow (using up my leftover pounds). I ended up diving into last night for no good reason. It was calling my name and the only way to shut it up was to eat it. So I had one of the bars. It didn't even taste very good. It didn't go with the extra garlicky soup that I had just devoured. I tried not to beat myself up about it. I tracked it. I didn't go crazy over my caloric budget. Several hours later it started calling my name again. I didn't want to destroy all of my hard work with a few stupid chocolate bars. I managed to resist the temptation. But it was HARD! Instead I made myself a healthier snack. I had one of my healthy pasta lunches and some fruit. It was still a binge, but at least it wasn't a gorge fest.

This morning I weighed in at 220.8lbs.
3 lbs down from last week!
7.6 lbs down in the month of November!
13 lbs down in 3 months!

Happy Weigh In Wednesday!

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Saying Goodbye to October


Like every other basic b*tch out there, I love the fall (and pumpkin spice lattes). I always have low expectations for the weather in the fall, so when we get beautiful days it's always an unexpected and very welcome surprise. We had a lot of rain, but we had a lot of beautiful days too.

October is really one of the greatest months of the years, isn't it? There is so much going on. So many fun activities to enjoy. It helps that this is one of the first years in a long time where I was able to take advantage of pretty much every great October activity. I usually get a few things in, but it's always a struggle. My grandma was sick last year, so I was constantly leaving town to spend time with her, and before that school took up most of my time. But I made up for it this year.

Things I did in October
  • Got lost in a corn maze
  • Screamed in terror at Fright Nights
  • Made a pumpkin bouquet
  • Attended Friendsgiving
  • Had a family Thanksgiving
  • Didn't get scared at Gravecouver
  • Carved pumpkins with friends
  • Created an epic Halloween playlist
  • Dressed up as my long time idol, Bette Midler/Winnie Sanderson
  • Went to a costume party fundraiser
  • Attended a Halloween Party at the Commodore

I have wanted to dress up as one of the witches from Hocus Pocus since... probably since the movie first came out. It was my FAVOURITE movie when I was a kid. Couldn't get enough of Thora Birch movies (Monkey Trouble, All I Want for Christmas), and Bette Midler was my favourite singer. She was also the first concert I ever went to (right around the time that this movie came out).

My friends and I decided to bite the bullet and dress up as the Sanderson Sisters while we were waiting in line for a haunted house. It took a bit of deliberation to decide who should be who. Winnie wasn't my first choice, but I am happy with the way things ended up.

The next day I went to Value Village and found a beautiful green fabric to make my coat out of. I hand that baby from scratch. The jacket was definitely the best part of the outfit. I especially loved the sleeves that I made.

I hit up another Value Village and found an interesting blue dress that was almost perfect. I think her dress was actually purple, but it looked blue in a lot of pictures, so I wasn't too fussed that it wasn't exactly perfect. The dress was long sleeved and high necked. It was silky from the waste down. The bodice was made from the same silk fabric with a blue lace over top. The sleeves were the same silk and lace, until about halfway down the arm when they turned into lace. The dress was a bit too small for me, but it was easy enough to alter to fit.

I had to completely alter the neck line of the dress and cut the sleeves off (I wore the lace part of the sleeves as cuffs so that it wouldn't be too hot). I bought a different green fabric to use for a vest and skirt panels. I ended up sewing the extra green fabric right on to the dress.

I vest I made was pretty awesome and took a lot of time to get right. But while we were shopping for pieces for my friends costumes, one of them found a perfect green shirt that had that medieval corset look to it. It was the right shade of green and it was also my size. It was meant to be. So I had to say goodbye to the vest I had slaved over, but it was worth it.

The wig was pretty easy to alter. I made two circles out of wire and sewed the scrunched up hair to each of the wires to get it is stay in that sexy Winifred style.

I'm pretty impressed with how well my Winifred Sanderson costume turned out. It was a pretty big hit. So many people that I didn't know kept coming up to me and telling me how much they loved it/the movie.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Mascara and the Moon

  • Getting my hair did tonight. I have no idea what I'm doing. All I know is that the moon is in an appropriate phase... I'm weird about that for some reason. I think it stems back to a talk show I watched when I was a kid. 
Top: No mascara Middle: Regular Mascara Bottom: Fibre Mascara
  • I just spent $50 on mascara, which explains the creepy picture of my eyes. I'd say don't judge me, but I deserve to be judged. It's that fancy fibre stuff from Sephora. I have seen a different brand advertised for $30, but I don't know where to find it, so I just bought the Sephora kind. I haven't decided yet if it was worth it. It definitely made my lashes longer, but they are a little too clumpy. Although, they don't look as clumpy in the picture as I remembered them being. I'll call that a win.

  • There is only one week left until I leave for my European vacation. I am so excited. It is going to be so amazing. I'm going to shop till I drop and watch as many West End productions as I can... Which will probably be three (I'm going at the wrong end of the week): Matilda, Shakespeare in Love, and the Commitments.

  • I feel like a bad Canadian because I have never heard of Jian Ghomeshi or his popular show "Q" until this weekend when all of his shit the fan and he was fired over abuse allegations. Now my Facebook feed is full of never ending debates arguing his innocence/guilt. At first he had me fooled. His original Facebook post was a pretty convincing little PR trick. Now it seems pretty obvious that the allegations are legit since eight woman have come forward with similar stories. I hate situations like this. It makes me sad for everyone involved. You just never know the truth. Obviously I have an opinion (guilty), but my opinion doesn't really matter. It is interesting how many celebrities have been accused to sexual misconduct, but how few of them have actually been found guilty and prosecuted.
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Friday, 24 October 2014

Fashion Friday

I don't have a lot of outfits to show off this week. Just one actually. Life was just too busy to take pictures. It was also too busy to keep my apartment clean. No one needs to see an outfit post after a tornado has hit my room.

I ended up going on a third date! Yes, three! I found a deal through Social Shopper for a haunted house experience. I'd say it was worth what I paid for it, but I can't imagine paying full price for it. I won't be going back. My date loved it. But he also hasn't been to some of the more amazing haunted houses that the city offers.
For my casual haunted house attire I went with the above outfit. I love tunics. This tunic I got from Addition Elle last spring. It's nice and light. It actually has a slit in the back that give is a unique shape. Again, I wore my favourite military-esque sweater that was a thrift store find (it looks military-esque in real life, it just doesn't photograph that way). Jeggings and my little black boots completed the outfit.

I received an email yesterday telling me that Pennington's/Addition Elle was having a happy hour sale where you buy 2 and get 2 free off all regular priced merchandise. I have been meaning to head over there to check out their boot selection. It made perfect sense to do this during the sale.
Fortunately/unfortunately I work right next door to Addition Elle, so I just walked over after work. I tried on pretty much every pair of boots that they had. I didn't find any tall boots that I liked, but I fell in love with pretty much every pair of booties they had. I have a pair that I wear all the time, but are close to being at the end of their life. I chose the grey booties above as their replacement. It works out perfectly. This way I can take my old boots to England with me, and I don't have to worry about destroying them from all of the walking I will be doing or bringing them back if I go on a giant shopping spree.
The studded heels were a splurge. They just looks so good on my feet. They are actually slightly different than the ones pictured above, but that was the closest picture I could find. Hopefully I will be able to put them to use.

My two free items ended up being this sparkly tunic/sweater and this leopard print blouse. I am pretty happy with both items. I tried to pick expensive items to take advantage of sale properly, but I couldn't resist the blouse (which was $20 cheaper than the shoes). Oh well, I am happy with my purchases.

So much for my spending freeze.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Wednesday Post

I gained this week... and last. Not a lot, but enough.

It's not really a surprise. I have had an unsatisfiable hunger for the past week or two. I haven't been binging, just eating a lot. Too much.

I also haven't been working out as much as I could. Slash - I haven't been working out at all. I have three more yoga classes to take advantage of before they expire next week. I also have my jumping classes. I really don't want to go jumping again. I will go. But I don't want to. I don't want to walk into an awkward situation. I can't stand the owner of the studio.

I don't do well in negative situations. You know how people always say "What's the worst that can happen? You get yelled at?" (or some other example), It is supposed to make you feel better about the future situation. But I don't want to be yelled at. I don't want people I don't know to be mad at me. Even if I never have to see them again. I don't want that. This lady is crazy. Please refer to my crazy lady post from last week. I'm going to back... eventually.

On Sunday afternoon I cooked up all of my vegetables before they went bad. I made a gluten free lasagna type dish. I've been having that for lunch all week. It's pretty spectacular. I also made a vegetable medley of sorts that I can do different things with. Last night it was lettuce wraps. They were good, but the filling on its own is just so good. I might have to skip the lettuce tonight.

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